Child Abuse on an Industrial Scale!! #StopWorldCupBrazil

Economic growth has brought thousands of workers here from other parts of Brazil and overseas. But according to aid workers these areas are also frequented by men looking for sex, and that's often sex with children.

A head of the upcoming World Cup in Brazil, the country is opening itself upto tourists to the tune of 600,000.

Unfortunately, Brazil is one of many countries where Prostitution is legalized. And as is the case, it usually boils down to underage children in demand leading to a rise in Child Trafficking and vulnerable kids from poor homes lured by the incoming foreigners on an unprecendented scale.

Prostitution itself (exchanging sex for money) in Brazil is legal, as there are no laws forbidding adult prostitution, but it is illegal to operate a brothel or to employ prostitutes in any other way.

We claim to live in a technologically advanced age ever in all of human history, and yet here we are morally degraded than ever before.

In the light of these horrible monstrosities taking place in this so called 'civilzed' world, it calls for a response on many fronts.
I feel ashamed to carry on my own life's affairs as if i have not heard or not seen this injustice happening at such grand magnitude.

The time has come for us to introspect where do our priorities lie, in building our own lives while the World gets torn apart. The time has come to spread out to every level of Government, Societies with the desire for #justice to be served to the oppressed and the vulnerable.
People cry out all day long for justice, but they find none!

The tolerance of Wickedness in our Lives, in our communities and cities has led to the Evil among us to raise up its ugly head boldly than ever before.

What Can you do?

We are called to a Response of Faith in Action in our own life.
Start by Praying, aligning your Heart to God's over this widespread injustice.
Take time to Pray and intercede fervently.

Unless our hearts are filled with pain for the state of our world, we have not begun to sense the heart of God.
Charles Price - Living Truth

Pray specifically for these host cities, hosting the World cup Games, that all sorts of vile activity will be curbed by the respective law enforcements without any corruption. That a call to justice will not be ignored, that they will work without nullifying their consciences.

1- Rio de Janeiro
2- São Paulo
3- Belo Horizonte
4- Brasilia
5- Fortaleza
6- Salvador
7- Porto Alegre
8- Recife
9- Manaus
10- Cuiabá
11- Natal
12- Curitiba

If you have brazilian friends in any of these cities, encourage them to join the NGO's in the area to help them curb this menace.

Points to Pray

1- Ask God to deliver the men involved with these girls from the evil they commit and save them if at all possible. If that is not possible, then ask the Lord to do what He has to do to stop them from committing further abuse.

2- Pray for cultural changes in populations where girls are seen as burdens and are treated as sexual toys by men.

3- Pray for the billions of sexually abused children and adults to be set free from the bondage of their abuse, and brought into a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ.

4- Pray against the poverty that is so severe in so many countries that parents sell their little girls to grown men for marriage or outright prostitution.

5- Pray for governments, the police, and the courts to become far more sympathetic to child sex abuse victims, and much more protective of our children.

6- Pray for a way to eliminate child pornography.

7- Pray for a way to end the 'Rape Culture' that is so prevalent in our universities and elsewhere. This may require an end to, or difficulty accessing, pornography for adolescents.

8- Ask God what you can do to help.
Seriously Do!
God is waiting for you to Ask!

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