Let not your Flame for God be extinguished by the fires of this World!

Prayer :

Gracious God!
We have heard and seen again and again your matchless deeds in our lives. You save us from the mouths of the depths that threaten to drown us.
Now give us the strength to see you Lord Just as you are! Because its the strength that comes from your throne that gives us the power to overcome every storm and difficulty we face in this world.
Every impossibility becomes a possibility Lord, since you are our Creator. You made the seas the way they are, you made the heavens and we cant see where they end!

The magnitude of our flame is nothing but "Our Understanding" of Who God is!
The greater our understanding of God, the bigger the Flame!

If we are fair weather Christians, believing God only in good times and rebelling against him when things go bad, then our flame for God is but a flickering flame of a small candle.

Take your 'Belief' and 'Understanding of God' into the fire of the situation you are facing!

It's easy to believe when the sun shines when its shining, but what if the night never ends and the sun doesnt come when you thought it would come, what if this night has been never ending. And as the night progresses, you keep losing hope that the morning will ever come!

That's when our Understanding of who God is in our lives gets tested. Thats what happened for Shedrach, Meshach, and Abednego, when their Faith in Who God is got tested!
They never saw God, they never saw the glory days of Israel, infact they were in captivity since they were young yet they believed in the Lord who brought them out of Egypt.
With a mighty outstreched arm he delivered them, and they believed those words and put their trust in Him.

As young men they could have been very rebellious, very 'practical' as in they could have been like...'What Kind of God we serve, We are in bondage for years on end, Does he even hear our prayers??'

But they believed God and even when they were being thrown in Fire, their Faith dint waver. Whether God saves them or not, they were not going to give up!

The enemy pushed them in the fire to give up their Belief in God but they prevailed, they dint give up!
The enemy at the very least thought he is going to extinguish their flames for God in that fire, he got it 7 times hotter than usual showed how much he was angry with them!

Are we glorifying God to the point where we seriously inflicting damage on the enemy's kingdom or Are we in a Status-Quo with the enemy as if we are ok with Him as long our comforts are not taken away. Whether or not we are consciously doing that, we are making that deal with the devil if we are not aggressive, if we are 'Not' real in our prayer with God, if we are 'Not' reacting to the situation at hand as we need to!
If suddenly something caught fire at home, would you be lax about it thinking I will get up in the morning and then do something about it... that would be foolish, right!
Then how can we be lax in our prayers with God while the enemy is raging and putting the fire of God out in so many people's lives. So let us rise up and Pray!!

Let's not be content about the stories of Shedrach and Co, What is stopping us to be what they were for their generation!

Rise Up!