Supernatural Faith

Faith is an all important in the life of the soul.
Without Faith it is impossible to please God.

These are most famous words we who are born Christians would have heard hundreds of times to the point we actually don’t know how to even relate to these words anymore practically in our lives.

When we see a word being said repetitively, more often than not, we dont put in effort to understand the depths of the word to how it actually relates to us in our lives.
It easily becomes a Dead Word. The word is Dead because its become a Rock , you cannot eat a rock, but if the word of God is as Bread, you will be able to relish the various parts of the (word)bread.
As the bread satisfies your hunger, the living bread(Word) satisfies the ever increasing desire of your spiritual stomach.

Now let's talk about Faith.

The famous Faith chapter, Hebrews 11.

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Through their faith, the people in days of old earned a good reputation.
By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.

One thing that always gives us jitters is the "unknown!!"

We are scared to ‘Knock the door of tomorrow’, because we are scared to see what awaits us.

What about tomorrow??

  • What about our(family's) finances tomorrow?
  • What about our food tomorrow?
  • What about our health tomorrow?

Tomorrow frightens us because we cannot see beyond ’Now’.

For people who don’t believe in God, they are having no hope , because they don’t know what awaits them.
Their trust is in statistics of Science, which says:-

  • There is no hope for their relationship based on the current statistics of divorce.
  • There is no hope for their Son to walk again.

But we who believe in God, know that he created the universe, that when we humble ourselves and give our lives to him and call upon Him, he comes to our rescue even though we dont deserve Him.

Those that trust in the Lord are secure even when they can clearly see nothing is in their control but because they know they are safe in his hands, that his right hand upholds them.

But God wants us to embrace the very idea that we don’t know ‘How it will come together’.

He wants us to understand that despite our best efforts, we should strongly believe our salvation is in the hands of the Lord not our ability to plan for the future, not our wealth, not anything.

That despite our Best efforts at keeping our relationship stable, we would need to depend on God for his authorship over our lives, for the peace of God to transcend our lives, our relationships, our families.

To build a House, the mason has to constantly interface with the Civil architect.

To build our lives, just as the mason we need to be satisfied with the here and the now. Completely trusting that God said He would never leave nor forsake.
And hence we just polish our listening ability just to hear the sound of his voice.

Faith is the ability to Look only at Who God has been to us, and then we, who are blinded to the future, still believe That the Same God, who has restored us from death to life is able to save us again, and will take me through whatever storm, that may come my way.

Faith implies we Believe that God WAS, IS, and IS TO COME and hence we don’t worry about “How it will come together”,

We just fix our eyes upon Him, and be assured, for me I have found Him, now if death comes its a gain and if Life then too I will see the ever increasing manifold grace of God come to my rescue.

In fact without Faith, we negate God!!

When we say it can’t be done, im lost, ill be a slave to Sin, i don’t have Faith enough to see that I can be saved. We are negating the Very aspect of Who God is!

It requires Faith to believe that God will build up, that He will restore , that He will bring life. We see the great mess of our lives, and wonder if things can ever be different, but God says "Be Still and know that I am God"

The word ‘Faith’ should not be used alone, but “Faith that God Will”.

It takes Faith in God like that of an Abraham to believe God Will rise his son from the grave

It takes Faith like Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego that God will reigns either in death or in life.

Its only through Faith, we can ‘look' at God, not because we see ‘How it will come to pass’ but because we still believe Him, despite our blindness to what awaits us on the other side of the door of tomorrow.

It's like a small kid coming crying to her Dad that the toy broke, the kid in his limited sense is unable to think how that toy can be fixed again and it completely drives the kid to pain,tears & desperation.
But God in his sovereignity like the Father here, knows how to build things which are broken, how to bring life into the dead bones of our lives, our relationships, our cities, our nations.

God wants you to rise up in Faith and challenge God for Greater things yet to be done in your life and in our cities

We need Faith to see God restore the happiness, joy, peace & purity the enemy has taken away in our own lives, in our cities, in our nations.

We need Faith to see that God will root out the evil from among our cities, putting an end to every wickedness that is plaguing our cities.
Putting an end to slavery, to trafficking and sexual immorality prevalent in our communities.

Now let me leave some thoughts to you about radical Faith. I really want to see our communities getting impacted by Christ in such a huge way in the days to come, that we really plunder Hell in Jesus's Name!!

Is it really possible that we can completely storm the brothels of our cities and rescue the innocent!
Is it ????
It takes faith you see to even contemplate such a thing!

Is it really possible to allow the girls who are rescued to be a part of our families, to be a Father and Mother that they never Had!!

Let us do what needs to be done fixing our eyes on Christ alone not the impossibility of the situation that we face.

Lets look at our families, our communities, our cities and cry out to God against every thing we see wrong and with the help of God, Set every wrong, Right!

It takes Supernatural Faith, to do what needs to be done!!

In Jesus name,